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The Influence of Civil Society on Japanese Nuclear Disarmament Policy  

Japan is the only country in the world to have been attacked with nuclear weapons. Her anti-nuclear Civil Society Organisations, with their experiences of coping with the fallout of the atom bomb blasts, are passionately committed to their cause.

While international treaties are final objectives, there is another effective diplomatic approach towards nuclear disarmament: CSO diplomacy might open the window of deadlocked inter-states negotiations. The role of civil society in the field of security is relatively new, coming to prominence during the establishment of the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines, the so-called Ottawa Treaty. The Treaty also signalled that the role, presence and decision of governments are essential.

This is an investigation of the influence that Japanese CSOs have on Japanese official policy in respect of nuclear disarmament. Significantly, it focuses on the private diplomacy of CSOs, on the mitigation of inter-state conflicts that lie behind nuclear issues, and on the involvement of governments in social movements of nuclear disarmament. To explain and understand this effectively could lead to the resolution of half-a-century of failed attempts at nuclear disarmament.

“This is a fine piece of research on an outstandingly difficult subject. The resulting book is an important contribution to the study of nuclear politics inside and outside the government of Japan. Both students of Japanese politics and institutions and students of NGOs more broadly will find it fascinating and useful.”

Professor Richard Langhorne

ISBN 9781912500024

Price: £30.00

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The Fourth Education Revolution 

Anthony Seldon and Oladimeji Abedoye

There is no more important issue facing education, or humanity at large, than the fast approaching revolution in Artificial Intelligence or AI. This book is a call to educators everywhere to open their eyes to what is coming. If we do so, then the future will be shaped by us in the interests of humanity as a whole - but if we don’t then it will be imposed by others.

Britain and the US have an excellent education system in their schools and universities - excellent, but tailored to the twentieth century. The factory mass teaching methods of the third revolution era have failed to conquer enduring problems of inequity and unfairness. Students have to make progress at a set rate which demotivates some and bores others. And for all the new technologies, teachers remain weighed down by routine administration and only a narrow range of our aptitudes are encouraged. Will the fourth AI revolution be able to remedy these problems? We have allowed ourselves to believe that teaching can uniquely be done only by the teacher, but might it in fact be better carried out by AI machines? Or at least in concert with teachers?

The evolution of AI, still in its infancy, raises a range of issues of enormous importance as we grapple how we as humans will interact with it. AI will be an altogether new way spreading quality education across the world especially to those hundreds of millions who do not have it. And coming it is - the final part of the book stresses that we have to embrace AI and ensure that we shape it to the best advantage of humanity. If we get it wrong, there may be no second opportunity.

The conclusion....

"nothing matters more than education if we are to see AI liberate not infantilise humanity."

ISBN 9781908684950


Price: £14.99

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Seeking Wisdom 

A spiritual manifesto

Larry Culliford

A skilled physician and psychiatrist has turned his gifted attention to the ailments of society. ‘Where is humanity heading, towards misery and destruction or a far more glorious future?’ ‘How can people – as individuals – make a difference?’

These are among the timely questions addressed by this boldly reasoned Spiritual Manifesto, which examines the human predicament in terms of both intellectual understanding, and deeply personal yet universal spiritual experiences. (Part 1) It offers incisive remarks on important areas of public concern, noting especially a correctable imbalance between ‘worldly’ aims and ‘spiritual’ values. (Part 2) The author then recommends a constructive way forward through adopting personal Spiritual Development Plans, to reduce the destructive power of the false ‘everyday ego’, while increasing the highly beneficial influence of the true ‘spiritual self’. (Part 3)

Whenever one person commits to Seeking Wisdom, a better future for all is secured.

This gem of a book...

David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network.

...a wise teacher whose wisdom needs to be heard...

Dominic Walker, former Bishop of Monmouth.

An urgently important book...

Monika Renz, author of Dying: A Transition.

ISBN 978-1-908684-98-1

Price: £7.99

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