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Seeking Wisdom 

A spiritual manifesto

Larry Culliford

A skilled physician and psychiatrist has turned his gifted attention to the ailments of society. ‘Where is humanity heading, towards misery and destruction or a far more glorious future?’ ‘How can people – as individuals – make a difference?’

These are among the timely questions addressed by this boldly reasoned Spiritual Manifesto, which examines the human predicament in terms of both intellectual understanding, and deeply personal yet universal spiritual experiences. (Part 1) It offers incisive remarks on important areas of public concern, noting especially a correctable imbalance between ‘worldly’ aims and ‘spiritual’ values. (Part 2) The author then recommends a constructive way forward through adopting personal Spiritual Development Plans, to reduce the destructive power of the false ‘everyday ego’, while increasing the highly beneficial influence of the true ‘spiritual self’. (Part 3)

Whenever one person commits to Seeking Wisdom, a better future for all is secured.

This gem of a book...

David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network.

...a wise teacher whose wisdom needs to be heard...

Dominic Walker, former Bishop of Monmouth.

An urgently important book...

Monika Renz, author of Dying: A Transition.

ISBN 978-1-908684-98-1

Price: £7.99

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China’s Media in the Emerging World Order 

Hugo de Burgh

China is challenging the mighty behemoths, Google and Facebook, and creating alternative New Media; 750 million people are on its Social Mediascape and there are a billion mobile phones deploying the innovative apps with which Chinese conduct their lives. Though late starters, already four of the world’s leading New Media companies are Chinese.

China’s old media – television, newspapers, radio - challenge the established powers, long thought unassailable, such as CNN and BBC. Produced in many languages on every continent, they are re-defining the agenda and telling the story China’s way. News and documentary are being followed by entertainment. The world’s biggest manufacturer of TV drama is now making its stories for export.

China’s Media tells you why and how; it investigates the Chinese media, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they are different.  Abjuring the customary casual writing off of China’s media as ‘propaganda’, this book takes them seriously, explains their immense variety and diversity and enables us to get a handle on this new force in the world.

ISBN 9781908684349


Published 28th November 2017


Price: £20.00

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The Whistle-Blower 

One man’s battle against the medical establishment

Joanna Seldon

Foreword by Professor Martin Gore

Whistle-blowers tend not to make themselves popular. Maurice Pappworth’s whistle was Human Guinea Pigs, the controversial book published in 1967 which examined unethical medical experimentation on humans, identified the researchers and institutions responsible, took the medical establishment by storm and provoked questions in Parliament.

Brilliant, pugnacious, Jewish, already an outsider, Pappworth was recognized as the best medical teacher in the country. But Pappworth, convinced that the reasons for the experiments coming to his attention were purely for the career advancement of ambitious practitioners, chose to speak his mind. His exposés led eventually to stricter codes of practice for human experimentation and the establishment of the research ethics committees which remain in place today.

On the 50th anniversary of its publication, Maurice Pappworth’s daughter, the late Joanna Seldon, re-assesses the importance of Human Guinea Pigs as a major milestone in the development of current medical research ethics, and demands a re-evaluation of the pioneering medical ethicist who compromised his own career in order to ensure the protection of the patient and thus the moral values central to his profession.

ISBN 9781908684974


Published 8th November 2017

Price: £14.99

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MisDefending the Realm 

Antony Percy

When, early in 1940, an important Soviet defector provided hints to Britain's Intelligence about spies within the country's institutions, MI5's report was intercepted by a Soviet agent in the Home Office. She alerted her sometime lover, Isaiah Berlin, and Berlin’s friend, Guy Burgess, whereupon the pair initiated a rapid counter-attack. Burgess contrived a mission for the two of them to visit the Soviet Union, which was then an ally of Nazi Germany, in order to alert his bosses of the threat, and protect the infamous ‘Cambridge Spies’. The story of this extraordinary escapade, hitherto ignored by the historians, lies at the heart of a thorough and scholarly exposé of MI5’s constitutional inability to resist communist infiltration of Britain's corridors of power, and its later attempt to cover up its negligence.

ISBN 9781908684967

Price: £20.00

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