11+ Verbal Reasoning: CLOZE Tests Book 2 ISBN 9781908684356

The FIRST PAST THE POST 11+ Essentials Tests follow in the success of the FIRST PAST THE POST 11+ Practice Papers formulated by on-line market leader ElevenPlusExams.This new series addresses the important new market for CEM-style exams. Though preparation for CEM-style exams is meant to be difficult, these materials introduce disciplines which emphasise logical problem-solving, practise various question types and encourage lateral thinking.

Increasingly relevant and sought after for new exam styles, Cloze tests are passages where some words are wholly or partially removed. The candidate is asked to complete the passage so that it makes sense and is grammatically correct. Short comprehensions and graded exercises help strengthen vocabulary and improve understanding of the meaning of words in context.

This publication complements the Book 1 edition, containing tests suitable for the preparation of the Cloze styles and includes short and medium length subjective passages – where a student fills in the Cloze with a word that would make a sentence grammatically correct – as found in the actual exams. They are suitable as practice for independent schools and new hybrid and CEM-style 11 plus ­­­exams.

Extensively road-tested by ElevenPlusExams, these tests are best used as real exam practice to benchmark your child’s performance.  The on-line service helps identify areas for improvement and, crucially, gauge peer comparison. They are perfect for use both in the classroom and at home.

ISBN 9781908684356

Price: £8.99

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