11+ English: Comprehensions book 2 Contemporary Literature ISBN 9781908684486

The FIRST PAST THE POST 11+ Essentials Tests follow in the success of the FIRST PAST THE POST 11+ Practice Papers formulated by on-line market leader ElevenPlusExams.This new series addresses the important new market for CEM-style exams. Though preparation for CEM-style exams is meant to be difficult, these materials introduce disciplines which emphasise logical problem-solving, practise various question types and encourage lateral thinking.

Now increasingly common in 11 plus and common entrance exams, numerical reasoning questions are typically worded problems requiring comprehension and mathematical manipulation of facts and figures presented. Designed to measure the ability to interpret, analyse and draw conclusions from tables and graphs, these problems are often multi-part, requiring several conclusions to be drawn or evaluated from the same initial information. Although some mathematical ability is required, the primary element being measured is the ability to reason with the facts.

This series of mini-tests is representative of the numerical reasoning section of contemporary multi-discipline 11 plus exams that typically have two papers covering several subjects such as verbal and non-verbal reasoning, comprehensions and numerical reasoning. This publication complements the Book 1 edition, with questions packaged as mini-tests. They are suitable as practice for independent schools and new style 11 plus ­­­exams.

Extensively road-tested by ElevenPlusExams, these tests are best used as real exam practice to benchmark your child’s performance.  The on-line service helps identify areas for improvement and, crucially, gauge peer comparison. They are perfect for use both in the classroom and at home.

ISBN 978-1-908684-48-6

Price: £8.99

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