Apocalyse Calypso

Graham Roos

Apocalypse Calypso began life as an epic poem and verse show, first appearing at King’s Place in conjunction with The Guardian, The Royal Opera House and London Sinfonietta, starring Dame Janet Suzman, Fenella Fielding and the author. The show was written especially with the banking crisis and political corruption in mind, using only poetry. Acclaimed writer-performer Graham Roos has since developed this work into a collection of poems and offers here a powerful and relevant new work which is ready for a wider audience.

ISBN:              9781908684042

Pub Date:       26th April 2012

Price:              £10.00

"Graham Roos has a way with words; his poetry is vivid, catchy and thought-provoking. He leads the generation of young troubadours responding with verve to the world we have dumped on them"

Janet Suzman

"An original, inspirational writer, poet and performer, and a wizard when he wants to be, Graham Roos is a master of the unexpected, his work possessing a rare, visceral energy that tends to get into your veins. Buy him, devour him, beg your friends to do the same. Then bask in the glory of their gratitude. This man is destined for greatness.

Julie Alpine - journalist and writer

Price: £10.00

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