Burning to get the Vote: The women’s suffrage movement in central Buckinghamshire, 1904-1914

Published in June 2013

“Burning to get the Vote” was the message left by suffragettes in March 1913 when they fire-bombed Saunderton Station near Princes Risborough. This book draws on original research to re-create the suffrage campaign in Buckinghamshire of a century ago, and brings alive the struggles of some notorious and some less well-known figures in the women's fight for the vote.  Muriel Matters, Hugh Franklin and Frances Dove were key figures in this local and national struggle, which in Buckinghamshire involved many public meetings, propaganda and a pilgrimage, as well as more extreme methods like: tax evasion, window-smashing and arson.

Here is a popular but thorough local history of the suffrage movement, tracing the trajectories of both the law-abiding National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies and the militant Women’s Social & Political Union in the county.  It unearths previously undiscovered evidence: the activities of the only WSPU branch in Buckinghamshire and of the Tax Resistance League, who used local hero, John Hampden, as their inspiration; plus revelations from local papers such as earlier-than-thought WSPU pillar box arson attacks, and a regular column by a suffragette, illuminating the experience of a WSPU campaigner.

Paperback with illustrations ISBN 9781908684097

Price: £15.00

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