Charles Dickens and the Mid Victorian Press

Papers from the proceedings of the Dickens Journals Online Conference held in March 2012. 

Edited by Hazel Mackenzie and Ben Winyard

Introduction by John Drew

Foreword by Michael Slater

With the phenomenally popular weekly magazines Household Words and All the Year Round Charles Dickens effectively re-invented periodical literature in the nineteenth century. Already enjoying huge stature as a world-famous author, Dickens was often the principal contributor of the journals that carried the novels serialised within them.  As, by his own term, the“conductor” of the weekly magazines, he was able to direct the gaze of his readership, easily eliding fiction and non fiction, to those things that most concerned him – poverty, crime, education, public health, popular culture, and social welfare and reform.

This collection of new essays from a rich variety of contributors, explores the journalism and fiction in Household Words and All Year Round and their relationship to the wider publishing world. The essays were presented at the Dickens Journals Online Conference  launched in March 2012.

ISBN 9781908684202

Price: £25.00

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