Code-IT Workbook 3: Algorithm to code

Programming is a very open ended discipline. It provides substantial transferable skills as it calls upon kids to develop their numeracy and literacy in order to instruct a computer to do what they require it to accomplish. This is the third of four student workbooks which are progressive, and loosely, though not exclusively, based on the four years within the KS2 curriculum.

Full support for the new KS2 Computer Science National Curriculum!

At KS2 children learn essential coding skills to create and debug programs with specific goals. They will develop logical reasoning skills to explain simple algorithms, learn to detect and correct errors in programs, and to use websites and other internet services safely and responsibly. The Scratch programming language, already used widely in schools, is freely accessible online at home: no other system allows junior age pupils to learn with such independence, nor create such a wide variety of projects.

The four student workbooks in the Code-IT Primary Programming series are progressively, though not exclusively, based on the four years within the KS2 curriculum.

Algorithm to Code using Scratch 

Think, program and debug exciting programming projects

  • Counting Machine
  • Music Abstraction
  • Random Word
  • Coin Sorter
  • Crab Maze
  • Toilet Fan
  • Car Park Barrier
  • Angle Menu

Use analytical computational thinking skills of algorithm design, algorithm evaluation, decomposition, generalisation and abstraction.

Extend resilience and problem solving through the computational doing skills of converting algorithm into code and debugging.

Expand knowledge of sequence, repetition, selection and variable use.

Introduce the basic use of a list.

Program Lego models using Lego Wedo and Scratch.

Utilise optional homework activities to extend learning beyond the classroom.

Algorithm to Code using Scratch

contains all the pupil resources that complement the skills presented in the teacher resource book, How to Teach Primary Programming Using Scratch (Year 5, Chapter 4).

Phil Bagge is a Computing Inspector/Advisor working for Hampshire Inspection & Advisory Service. CAS (Computing at Schools) Regional Coordinator and Primary Computing Master Teacher funded by the DfE. Phil was involved at the drafting stage in creating and refining the new Computing Curriculum through the BCS and CAS.

ISBN 9781908684561


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