Cradles of Success

The first edition of this book was published in 2008, before the credit crunch. This updated and expanded edition examines the questions that remain: day v boarding, co-ed v single sex, academic rigour, all-round experience, qualification – and, of course, affordability.

Here too are contributions from the most influential Heads outlining their visions of education, with an eye on the challenges faced by educators today, as well as on the years ahead both for our premier public schools and those who attend them.

Choosing independent education is very expensive yet done because its value is incalculable. Choosing the right public school is therefore of great importance and involves a great deal of homework. Making the wrong choice could profoundly affect your child’s educational, personal and social development. This is not a definitive guide nor is it designed to provide all the information needed for a particular school. But what it does provide is a personal selection of the best schools and in a world where every school seems to have every “toy” it gives a feel for the essence of the place, something which is often more important than facilities and much more difficult to capture.

 “…the best British independent schools continue to show themselves as truly world class. Mario di Monaco gives his readers an insight into the nature of that success.” Tony Little

The book includes important contributions from; Anthony Wallersteiner, Headmaster of Stowe School, Barnaby Lenon former Headmaster of Harrow, Anthony Seldon, Headmaster of Wellington College and Tony Little, Headmaster of Eton.

 The Author

Mario di Monaco is a medical doctor whose interest in private education is borne out of the need to make the difficult choice between the best of schools.


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