Crescent and Delta

The Bangladesh Story David Urch Edited by John Clarke Proceeds of the sale go to the University of Buckingham Bangladesh Scholarship In 2007 the media gave comprehensive coverage to India and Pakistan on the 60th anniversary of independence. Nothing was said about East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Crescent and Delta redresses this injustice. This is the story of Bengal; now at last a state that can enjoy independence and, free of exploitation, be allowed to enjoy its beauty and natural riches. By no means free of problems, many caused by globalisation and climate change, the state of Bangladesh has a last its destiny in its own hands. David Urch’s vivid narrative tells the history but also evokes the people and the place describing the long history of outside influence that has created modern Bangladesh. Despite centuries of external domination the Bangladeshis remain a proud and unique people and able at last to benefit themselves from their own rich and diverse country. ISBN 0955464242 RRP £20.00

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