Crushed by Jan McCourt

Jan McCourt, well known Investment Banker turned Farmer, returned to his grassland farm on the picturesque border dividing Leicestershire from Rutland after a week-end of work at a music festival.

By the end of that day, he was fighting for his life in A&E in The Leicester Royal Infirmary.

This is the story, in truly graphic detail, of his extraordinary experience. At times horrific, at times hilarious, it is a story of agony and of a true miracle. It is also a story of the wonders of the British National Health Service as well as of a few of its horrors. It is a story of pride and of shame.

It is a story which should be read by those who have given up hope, by victims of accidents, their families, and by every employee of the NHS.

ISBN 978 1 908684 196 Paperback


Price: £6.99

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