Cultural Olympians: Rugby School’s Cultural Leaders

Published in May 2013

Very few institutions have contributed to the cultural life of the nation in the way that Rugby School has done. Pioneering religious leaders, educators, authors and philosophers, whose influence has been felt in spheres ranging from the Olympic games to education, were themselves profoundly influenced by their time at Rugby.

This book is designed to provide a rigorous yet practical engagement with key questions surrounding faith, philosophy, science, culture and social progress by celebrating the life and thought of these Rugbeian cultural leaders and social pioneers, with an exploration of their continued relevance to contemporary discussions.

With contributions from some of the most distinguished historians, philosophers, social and religious  commentators writing today – John Witheridge, John Clarke, Anthony Kenny, David Urquhart, Robin Le Poidevin, A N Wilson, Andrew Vincent, A C Grayling, Jay Winter, Ian Hesketh and David Boucher – this is a book which set outs to explore and enrich discussion of the most important and enduring questions of the modern age.

There is also a foreword by Rowan Williams

Paperback ISBN 9781908684073

Price: £14.99

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