Household Words

Charles Dickens Introduction by John Drew Household Words was a weekly magazine “conducted” by Charles Dickens in the 1850s. The famous writer was its publisher, editor, and - along with a large and diverse group of contemporaneous writers and poets such as Elizabeth Gaskell, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Edwin Arnold - its major contributor. Like so many of his novels, it championed social reform and focused on the hardships of the poor. Dickens was already well practised in the craft of writing in serialized form. This popular format made the novels In particular cheap, accessible, and with their regular cliff-hangers, eagerly anticipated by a burgeoning readership. The magazine became phenomenally popular. Here for the first time is a complete facsimile edition with works by and index to all the contributors with introductions to each volume by John Drew. John Drew is author of Dickens the Journalist, and co-editor with Michael Slater of the final volume of the Dent Uniform Edition of Dickens's journalism. He authored entries on All the Year Round and Household Words in the Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens. £15.99 Paperback ISBN 9780956395276

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