On the boats

Cherry Coombe

These poems, described variously as 'a fine Proseco' trickling and 'a snake bite to the gullet' catalogue moments lived, from birth to suicide, living alone, internet dating, long-haul flights to moving house; readers might resonate with the stresses and strains of lives described and lived. In the manner of all Shakespearean Comedies, the collection begins and ends where it starts, in Streatley on Thames where Cherry was lucky enough to grow up, and inbetween  visits the unknown and the known, moving through airport transits, crushed cramped economy seating, cafes, funerals, zoos, joys, grief, despair, acceptance, self-discovery and beaches.

Cherry Coombe claims the poems took her surprise arguing, 'I hate poems - I have little respect for poets; why don't they say what they mean?' having been phobic about misunderstanding since a locum teacher threw the blackboard rubber at her in 1967. It turns out she has the skill and the ability Sir Anthony Seldon credits in his foreword and her publisher has asked her to stop using the words 'hate' and 'poets' in the same sentence. She sees herself rather than a poet as an accessible voice - the Pam Ayres of late life and readers will note there is some fair reference to the aging process here. These poems are not for the faint hearted. 

Once single, married, divorced, a single parent later remarried but widowed by suicide then again a single-parent, turned Granny now, Cherry enjoys lecturing in Creative Writing and Socio-Linguistics at The University of Buckingham where she was also appointed 'Happiness Tsar' by Sir Anthony Seldon in 2017 which she is more than happy to talk about. In fact she is terribly chatty. Email her at cherry.coombe@buckingham.ac.uk or follow her musings on her website: www.cherrycoombe.com and she'll tell you all about the ways in which creativity can unlock possibility. 

ISBN 978-1-912500-07-9

Price: £10.00

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