ReDiscovering Charity (published November 2009)

Andrew Lightbown and Nick Fane (Re) Discovering Charity has been written as a three part pamphlet. Part 1 seeks to explain what is meant by the term charity, in its specifically Christian context. Charity is one of Christianity's theological virtues, and accordingly forms part of Christianity's basic morality, and yet the meaning of charity seems to have been somewhat lost, to the extent that it is frequently attacked by those who believe that charity creates dependency. (Re) Discovering Charity seeks to move beyond belief, opinion and secular ideology by analysing both the meaning of charity and, in parts 2 and 3 the characteristic manifestations of charity. Evidence suggests that far from creating dependency, true Christian Charity, fosters responsibility, hope and well being. Charity is, in fact, Christianity's effective response to social, spiritual and economic well-being. Published in collaboration with Quicken Trust ISBN 9780956043511 £7.99 Paperback

Price: £7.99

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