Seeking Wisdom

A spiritual manifesto

Larry Culliford

A skilled physician and psychiatrist has turned his gifted attention to the ailments of society. ‘Where is humanity heading, towards misery and destruction or a far more glorious future?’ ‘How can people – as individuals – make a difference?’

These are among the timely questions addressed by this boldly reasoned Spiritual Manifesto, which examines the human predicament in terms of both intellectual understanding, and deeply personal yet universal spiritual experiences. (Part 1) It offers incisive remarks on important areas of public concern, noting especially a correctable imbalance between ‘worldly’ aims and ‘spiritual’ values. (Part 2) The author then recommends a constructive way forward through adopting personal Spiritual Development Plans, to reduce the destructive power of the false ‘everyday ego’, while increasing the highly beneficial influence of the true ‘spiritual self’. (Part 3)

Whenever one person commits to Seeking Wisdom, a better future for all is secured.

This gem of a book...

David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network.

...a wise teacher whose wisdom needs to be heard...

Dominic Walker, former Bishop of Monmouth.

An urgently important book...

Monika Renz, author of Dying: A Transition.

ISBN 978-1-908684-98-1

Price: £7.99

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