Shakin the Ketchup Bottle (published Nov 2008)

The Queen’s English Society A fascinating collection of ideas observations anecdotes and some really curious bits culled from “Quest”. The magazine of the Queen’s English Society. How can a slim chance and a fat chance mean the same? This is a book full of controversy or should that be controversy? It is about whether spelling matters said John Gilpin as he rowed his horse across the river. This collection contains some of the bits that the editors have enjoyed most over the years since its first publication. The English are known for their sense of humour and their ability to laugh at themselves whilst retaining a pride in their traditions. Perhaps the way that the English language can laugh at itself goes to the very heart of Englishness. But there is an important sub text to all this amusement. The use of humour is the best way to illustrate and then learn the important lessons that are essential if we are to retain our ability to communicate clearly. This book is for all those who love the language and who are amused by its lunacy, tickled by its inconsistencies but respect and want to preserve something of its majesty. It will make all readers entirely gruntled. ISBN 978-0-9554642-7-0 RRP £15.99 Society Members £12.99

Price: £15.99

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