Teachitright: Numerical Ability Workbook 2

The Teachitright Numeracy Workbook 2, in tandem with Workbook 1, provides comprehensive sets of questions to help children prepare for the key numerical ability topics tested in both 11+ and Common Pre-test exams. All content has been classroom-tested in Teachitright centres. Timed tests throughout the book seek to enhance time management skills and are backed up by the “learn” and “develop” sections. This book drills and tests core subjects such as multiplication tables, the four operations and algebra – as well as emphasising all-important attention to detail.

An ideal resource for the CEM 11+ and Common Pre-test exams, this book covers:

  • Statistics
  • Data Handling and Interpretation
  • Shape and Space

This book provides:

  • a detailed understanding of crucial question types
  • essential steps to sharpen critical thinking and develop strong numeracy and deduction skills
  • practice on how best to manage time efficiently
  • questions optimised for age and ability
  • explained answers and step-by-step hints and tips

ISBN 9781908684738

Price: £8.99

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