Teachitright 11 + Cloze Tests Workbook

Here is a succinct, classroom-tested programme of progressive learning. It comprises optimised tests (in terms both of time taken and complexity), age-appropriate questions, explained answers and a simple scoring system. Engaging texts are presented with timed fill-in-the-blank exercises, varying from passages with omitted words to be sourced from accompanying word banks, incomplete challenging words and realistic exam multiple choice options. These extracts provide the perfect resource to prepare for the CEM 11+ and Common Pre-Test exams. Tips and hints are provided throughout. This book will improve comprehension skills in both contemporary and classic literature; sharpen critical thinking and develop strong inference and deduction skills; assist recognition of crucial question types assist in managing time efficiently; and enhance techniques to build vocabulary, comprehension - and confidence.

ISBN 9781908684691

Price: £8.99

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