Thought Prison

"Beautifully written and very wise." James Delingpole

Most of us think of political correctness in terms of its scope for irony.  It provides opportunity to protect us from a vaguely troubling acceptance of an enforced orthodoxy. We are familiar with the no-go areas defined by PC taboos – race, sex (or to be pc, gender), ethnicity, sexual preference, disability, class – and indeed of it being an engineered term to suit political and scientific argument. What we may be less able to accept is that PC is something in which we are all complicit.

This book examines the way we are now, and how the Western world has come to be that way. It reveals an Orwellian dystopia that instead of being characterised by a crude authoritarian elite, is supported and driven by an irrational yet equally totalitarian and all-pervasive status quo of our own making, dominating politics, economics, public administration, law, education, the military, health services – our very selves.

The book explores the ramifications of PC on language, and thus thought; its casual denial of logic and insidious reach into the realms of science and learning; its total saturation of its twin supports, the mass media and ruling elites.  Once the collectively self-imposed blinkers, of good causes and good intentions, are stripped away we can see the nanny state and moral universe beyond for what it is – a catastrophic delusion that is destroying the world we know.

Bruce Charlton is Professor of Theoretical Medicine, University of Buckingham, UK and Reader in Evolutionary Psychiatry, Newcastle University, UK. Prof Charlton  researches widely in evolutionary psychology and psychiatry, and on the role of scientific consensus and social mechanisms in biomedical research. From 2003 to 2010 he was editor of Medical Hypotheses. He is also an editor of The Journal of Hypotheses in the Life Sciences.
ISBN 9780956395245

"I recommend the general agreement and great admiration for his work."  John  C Wright

"I’ve just finished reading Bruce Charlton’s new book Thought Prison, the most radical attack on political correctness that I’ve yet encountered." Blogger Bonald

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