The Jewish Journal of Sociology 

The Jewish Journal of Sociology was sponsored by the Cultural jjsco coverDepartment of the World Jewish Congress from its inception in 1959 until the end of 1980. Thereafter, from the first issue of 1981 (volume 23, no. 1), the Journal has been sponsored by Maurice Freedman Research Trust Limited, which is registered as an educational charity by the Charity Commission of England and Wales (no. 326077). It has as its main purpose the encouragement of research in the sociology of the Jews and the publication of The Jewish Journal of Sociology. The objects of the Journal remain as stated in the Editorial of the first issue in 1959: 

‘This Journal has been brought into being in order to provide an international vehicle for serious writing on Jewish social affairs. Academically we address ourselves not only to sociologists, but to social scientists in general, to historians, to philosophers, and to students of comparative religion.

Hypotheses in the Life Sciences

Hypotheses in the Life SciencesIf you are stimulated by novel ideas, have a new hypothesis to share or wish to enter an exciting new forum, Hypotheses in the Life Sciences is very probably for you.

HyLS is an important open access journal fostering exchange of genuinely new concepts in biology. The journal seeks papers that provide new ideas about how life works, or that advance or challenge scientific thinking. HyLS will also publish a moderated web-based commentary system for follow-up comments on papers.Untrammelled by conventional peer review, but supported by peer commentary HyLS will publish papers based on review by Editorial Board whose members are all eminent in their respective fields. Open access

The International Journal of Person Centered Medicine

The International Journal of Person Centered MedicinePublished in association with The International College of Person Centered Medicine in Geneva, this specialist new periodical is expected to gain major, international impact. The first issue is available as an open access issue.

The Buckingham Journal of Language and Linguistics

The Buckingham Journal of Language and LinguisticsBuckingham Journal of Language and Linguistics is an academic journal for articles in general and applied linguistics written within the descriptive tradition. It particularly favours work which offers an original contribution and an independent viewpoint. It does not impose limitations in terms of methodology or genre or support a particular linguistic school, instead welcoming new research which furthers the understanding of language. Articles are cutting edge in their particular fields, but a far as possible are accessible to readers with a general foundation in linguistics Volume 4 is now available online and in print

The Journal of Prediction Markets

The Journal of Prediction MarketsThe Journal is aimed at academics and students of business, finance, economics and the social sciences, and all those with an interest in the operation of markets and market efficiency more generally. It is planned that the journal will be abstracted in the Social Science Citation Index and with Econlit. Issue 2 of Volume 6 now available

The Journal of Gambling Business and Economics

The Journal of Gambling Business and Economics
The Journal of Gambling Business and Economics is an academic peer reviewed journal publishing articles both commissioned and submitted, survey articles, case studies and book reviews.

The Denning Law Journal

The Denning Law Journal
The 2011 volume of The Denning Law Journal is available online. Named after the most famous judge of the twentieth century, The Denning Law Journal is a general, peer reviewed legal journal that publishes original articles, book reviews and case notes that seek to promote the values cherished by Lord Denning. : 2012 Volume 24 now available

The West London Medical Journal

The West London Medical Journal Now available free online

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